An illustration is a visualization or a depiction of a subject made by an artist.... Illustrations can be executed in different techniques like watercolor,gouache,ink,oil,,charcoal chalk or woodcut.

OpelFusion team believes in creating visual identities through illustration. Unlike any other service, illustration demands wholesome expression of creativity and we try to bring out the best out of every piece of illustration.

Our team can create detailed,accurate computer art work or creative and imaginary designs . Our team exactly know how to adopt our designs to meet your printing and display requirement. It simplifies the complex concepts and makes it understandable to the prospects and enhances its marketability.
OpelFusion team of professionals are well versed with all major software tools including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, ChemDraw, Chem Window and AutoCAD. By using these optimally, our team can deliver the desired artwork for you in great resolution and in the file format such as JPG, JPEG, PDF, EPS, TIFF etc., according to your requirement.

Extensively experienced OpelFusion team of artists with their dedication towards their work and no compromise in quality in tow can give you amazingly oustanding illustrations.

Some of our services:

Product Illustration:
Product illustration can be a very critical assignment, OpelFusion team includes trained illustrators who work on each assignment with great dedication to meet up your expectations.Feature highlight mean you can exchange artwork between illustrator and photoshop.

Our team has years of experience working with the advertising agencies, educational instituion,event management companies,planning product launches, publishing agencies and so on.....

Services we offer under product illustrations:

  • Product Cover Illustrations: Our team can transform the product into an attractive illustration that can be placed on any product cover or object.Which eventually will help you to market your products in an elaborate way.
  • Feature Highlights Illustration: Our team can create an illustration designed to highlight product features.
  • Advertising Illustrations: Our team can prepare product illustrations for any kind of advertising campaigns and will give your company a mind blowing illustration which will touch your clients heart and soul.
  • User Manual Illustrations: Our team can illustrate your products for user manuals, including product assembly illustration, instruction mascot illustration, process illustration and so on.

Sports Illustration

The most challenging illustration for every team is the sports illustration.
OpelFusion team has passion for sports and hence every member work on sports illustration as though they are participating in some sport and it reflects wonderfully on the work they do.
Our clients include sports magazines, sports club and associations, sports gear manufacturers and retailers,advertising agencies, and many more. Whether you need a soccer, baseball,basketball,tennis,cricket... illustration for a magazine or for manual or for hand leaf your choice has to be Opelfusion.

Services we offer under sports illustration:

  • Sports Advertising Illustration: Our sports advertising illustration creates detailed illustrations according to your specifications. Whether you need action shots or design help.
  • Sports Gear Illustrations: Our team can provide a detailed illustration of any type of sports gear, including swimsuits, shoes, sporting equipment, track suits, jerseys ,and even the playing fields where these sports take place.
  • Sports Illustration for Automobiles: Our team can design sports illustrations for automobiles, in the form of eye catchy stickers and various other ways.
  • Sports Training Manual Illustrations:One of the most important aspects for any sports training manual is the detailed and accurate illustration which are requisite for the safety and professionalism.

Scientific Illustration

Precision is the prerequisite for any scientific illustrations.The sole aim of scientific illustration is to make reader understand various subjects scientifically,which may include wildlife research,medical research,mariner research,natural medicine.... We optimize scientific illustrations for varied industries, categorically print media, universities, and research centers.

Services we offer under scientific illustration:

  • Wildlife Illustrations: Wildlife requires precise illustration.Our team at OpelFusion believe in creating wildlife illustrations that will keep your clients spellbound.
  • Marine Life Illustrations: Our team at OpelFusion will provide detailed and lively illustrations of marine life which will be magical and absolutely a visual treat.
  • Herbal Illustrations: Our team at OpelFusion will provide herbal illustrations that will display the herbs and other elements in visually appealing manner pertaining to the specific clients.
  • Molecular Illustrations: Molecular.....sounds very scientific.....

Our team at OpelFusion will provide you any kind of scientific requirement and turn it into a visually attractive illustration.

Medical Illustration

Illustration plays an absolute key role in the medical word. A medical illustration is a form of biological illustration that helps to record and disseminate medical, anatomical and related knowledge.Medical illustrations have been made possibly since the beginning of medicine in any case for hundreds of years.We are expertise in this field.

With clients in the medical research centre, pharmaceutical research centre, medical colleges ,presentations and print media(for magazines & brocheures), and so on, we make sure that your medical illustrations are created perfectly pertaining to your view.

Our absolute goal is to provide you with any type of illustration that you need.

Services we offer under medical illustration:

  • Surgical Illustrations: From training manuals advertisements... to scientific research presentations... our surgical illustrations are detailed and presentable so that you can easily approach the audience you are trying to reach and show the specifics of the surgery.
  • Veterinary Illustrations: what makes difference in illustrations, nothing can beat the experience of our team. Hence, for the veterinary illustrations which is actually a tricky one ,our team at OpelFusion is the perfect match.
  • Ophthalmology Illustrations: Eyes are the windows of the soul and reflect ones innerself....Detailing the eye can be challenging.Our team at OpelFusion can transform your ophthalmological illustration into a magical art which will be significantly brilliant.
  • Anatomical Illustrations: The history of anatomy is characterized by a progressive understanding of the functions of the organs and structures of the human body.Our team at OpelFusion will creat the anatomical illustration using traditional and digital techniques which will be precisely detailed.

The obvious abilities necessary are to be able to visualize the subject-matter,some degree of originality in style of drawing and the refined skill of color discrimination....this is what our team at OpelFusion believe in.

Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustration is the communication of fashion that originates with illustration, drawing and painting. It is usually commissioned for reproduction in fashion magazines as one part of an editorial feature or for the purpose of advertising and promoting fashion makers,fashion boutiques ,fashion institutes and department stores.

Fashion illustration plays a critical role in the world of fashion and beauty.

Services we offer under fashion illustration:

  • Fashion Figure Illustrations: Our team at OpelFusion will create a detailed fashion figure that conveys a garment in can be very precise and realistic or very vague. The end use or purpose of fashion figure illustration should dictate the style used.
  • Fashion and Technical Flat Illustrations: Flat sketches are also called flat drawings,technical flat sketches or illustrations which will display all seams,topstitching,hardware and any other design details of the garment. OpelFusion team will create Fashion and Technical Flat illustrations which you can use as adornment,to convey a clear design message and as a template for factories to follow when creating a garment.
  • Stitch Type Illustrations: Stitched fabric type can add a realistic element to your designs. OpelFusion team will give you an appealing and stylish look using layer styles and a few fabric patterns which will create an impression.

Fashion illustration can be quite diverse and interesting. Work in this field requires extensive experience in the industry. Out team at OpelFusion will bring your ideas to life so that you can have images to use in design and to sell the line before prototypes have been made.

Custom Illustration

Illustration brings life to communication...The old saying goes' A picture is worth a thousand words'...and it's probably true.
Creating custom illustration is typically complex and time-consuming process and we want to ensure that the ultimate product is of the highest quality. Every individual has his/her own prospective..different concept....different elements and that means everyone needs their own custom illustration.Our team at OpelFusion can create custom illustrations based on the details and the scenario you provide and we emphasize on ones requirement.

Services we offer under custom illustration:

    • Caricature Illustrations: Drawing caricature is a lot more about seeing what makes the person in front of you unique.Our team at OpelFusion has the ability to see, and after that the ability to exaggerate what you see for humorous effect in a caricature....
    • Portrait Illustrations: Capture and preserve your favorite moment into a beautiful portrait....a treasure of loving memories. By combining illustraor's drawing capabilities with photoshop's painting tools and color technology, our team at OpelFusion can give you high end quality portrait illustrations.
    • Character Illustrations: Our team at OpelFusion will create a beautiful

and effective character illustrations incorporating touches to make the character part of a magical fantasy world.Our team emphasize on quick sketches to work out the pose and gesture which will give your imaginary character a appropriate finish.

  • Comic Illustrations: Our team at OpelFusion can turn any scene into a highly stylized comic book panel using the filters and other photoshop techniques. Our team can even help you to create comics or comic strips and is extremely creative, and they exactly know how to transform your humorous ideas into comics that match the way you have imagined them.

Storyboard Illustration

Our team at OpelFusion has been providing exceptional storyboard illustration services to designers, writers and filmmakers for many years.
A Storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture,animation or video,cartoon, motion graphic or interactive media sequence.They are used in film production, animation, marketing, and even to guide production of comic books and children’s books. Technology is very important,especially in the creation of animatic videos.We use lightwave 3d,after effects,sound editing on to create animatics. But even traditionally drawn storyboards are scanned and manipulated in photoshop.

Services we offer under storyboard illustration:

  • Cartoon storyboards
  • Thumbnail storyboard
  • Animated storyboard
  • Framed storyboard
  • Photo storyboard
  • Film and Business storyboards
  • Photography storyboards
  • Floating storyboard

OpelFusion team will provide professional 2D and 3D illustration for storyboards and animatics.By creating absolutely eye catchy 2D flash and 3D artwork ,and by giving unique artistic touch to our traditional style of illustration for storyboards we can match the needs of each of our clients.

Book Illustration

We offer a full range of book illustration designed to match the specific needs of your project. People often get stuck on how to bring their books to life, and this is where we can help you.

A series of artwork revisions are done to get your illustrations perfect.Illustration is the key factor in bringing your book to life. To truly capture readers attention your illustrations has to be distinguishly bright,colorful and eye-catchy.

OpelFusion team is skilled in variety of forms including children’s book illustration, picture book illustration, open book illustration and cover illustration.

Comic Book Coloring

We can match the original hard copy artwork and color schemes to render print ready CMYK files that look identical to the artist's colored sample. This color scheme is then extended to the specific characters across the entire story.

Our aim is to dynamically illustrate and offer uniqueness into your illustrations.....