We use several techniques to offer color correction services.The most visible ones are adjustments where we focus on shadows compensation,saturation,vibrancy and clarity as well as tint techniques to ensure that we get the colors you may be interested in.

When it comes to photo colorization services, you can trust OpelFusion for re-coloring your images and giving it the desired shades and patterns. We offer color correction services that ensures your photos have the right tinge. We are capable of altering the output of your digital images and removing color casts so that your pictures can have a natural look. We consider the color tones, the shades, and the patterns before we offer color correction services that can give your photos a fresh look.

Our color analyst will look at the colors in the picture and provide important information to be used by our team in their endeavor to offer top color correction services

Our experts analyze the images with care,then sort out tone,density and color imbalances and finally remove the imbalances to give the images the desired look.

  • Correction of the white balance
  • Setting the right contrast,brightness and sharpness of the images
  • Removing improper color casts
  • Enhancing and maintaining consistency in balance and tone
  • Correction of contrast and density in various color channels
  • Rectify issues caused by improper exposure
  • Setting the right pixilation of images to ensure clarity and resolution for image print ability

Imaging & Color /Digital Swatch matching

Our highly skilled operators will match the digital images to the color swatches provided to ensure you have a perfect printed product. This involves storing specific detailed color data for items such as shirts in the latest catalog and corporate identities ensuring that colors appear the same across multiple media and projects