OpelFusion provides a full range of premedia services for executing image editing and graphic design. Our image services include simple color correction, sillouetting & swatch matching & accommodating even the most complex highend retouching.

OpelFusion offers full digital services that are customized to each customer's unique requirements & aims to deliver effeciently that will inturn improve the process & reduce the cost.

OpelFusion produces precise hand drawn clipping paths using the industry standard adobe photoshop pen tool to separate objects from their background. Clipping paths are created to hide unwanted sections of an image, creating separate paths for both the image & a structure for the graphics.

OpelFusion offers professional clipping path service that help you to change the background of an image or a photograph. We have professionals who handle your clipping path requirements to adopt the handmade clipping path technique to perfect your images.

Simple clipping path
The elementary option of Simple Clipping Path is to isolate the Background from the source image. OpelFusion guarantees hand-drawn Simple clipping path services in excellent quality of output. To be done frequently by meeting each requirement with maximum transparency accuracy. Simple clipping path is the preliminary level among others.
Multi clipping path
Multi Clipping Path is the combination of other clipping paths (simple, complex, super complex clipping path) and this is the image manipulation technique which helps to bring the miracle results. We provide the Premium quality of Multiple Clipping Path services to the clients by our expertise by maintaining the tremendous quality of images.
Complex Clipping Path
Complex clipping path is a way of customizing wide range of complex image shapes & sizes in different cases. Complex clipping path is the upper level image execution than simple clipping path. We customize Old, Scratch, Torn, Faded and spot marked images and will help to regain new look by the manipulation of Complex clipping path techniques.
Super complex clipping path
Super complex clipping path is the upper level image processing function than simple clipping path and Complex clipping path with stunning quality. You should adopt super complex concept and take the flamboyant results on versatile images.