3D,Modeling & texturing,CGI(computer generated imagery)

One of the most important components of any artwork is emotion. Every piece you create must evoke a reaction from the viewer. While the emotions may be different, as long as your art is filled with them it will be a success.

It's hard to be a Photoshop artist and not use 3D at all...just as it is to be a 3D artist and not use photoshop. The most modern techniques overlap different branches of computer graphics, creating images like never seen before.

This enables you to inject real personality and uniqueness into your illustrations.

Our team at OpelFusion will create product prototypes, characters, environments,creating an atmospheric...rainy scene,landscape backgrounds, objects, special effects and locations, both real and imaginary. We can create digital 3D models of your imaginations, concepts, designs, images or photographs. Opelfusion team has the capability to use layers to tie various elements together,add depth, smoke, glow and flare effects to add finishing touches to your illustrations

Services we provide:

CGI (computer generated imagery)
Our team at OpelFusion has years of practice creating computer generated imagery(CGI) for numerous sectors recreating reality in the digital world. We can take your conceptual products, imaginary thoughts and characters and use the limitless potential of digital artistry to make them real. Which will for sure create stunning infographics and illustrations.


3d modeling is an essential part of illustrations and we also offer stand alone 3d modeling services. We provide high-detail meshes and textures in exceptional quality up to the needs of high-profile next-gen AAA titles or film production.


OpelFusion team has a strong background in both CG and live-action compositing, including keying and rotoscoping, wire removal and other cleanup, set extension and matchmoving. We also provide on-set supervision and grading if needed.

Product Visualization:

Our high quality product visualizations are primarily used in packshot, point of sale visuals, and advertising. This is a more effective and efficient way of showcasing your product compared to photography, as no studio set up is required and materials, product names etc can all be changed at the click of a button. Making your imaging future proof.

Variety......is the spice what OpelFusion team offers you.